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Lyndsey Paynter

Headstand Heroine

Lyndsey was one of AW's first pole students and pole competitors! She now shares her expertise with us as an instructor! 


Sarah Hannah

Hammock Honey

Sarah was AW's first employee!

She's part of our roots & is currently raising AW's next generation!


Stephanie Vessey

Background Babe

Steph is AW's pole acrobat!  

She's always available to lend a hand behind the scenes and in the studio! 


Jacqueline Green

Spinning Beauty

Jacqui is all things aerial & partner acro! Find her in the hammock room, cheering on her students!


Meaghan Gennis

Pole Vixen

Meaghan is a passionate pole dancer with a twerk-tastic attitude! Find her teaching pole fitness & flow!


Karina Boswell

Sass Class Siren

Karina's empowering classes are all about feeling good & having fun while working up a sweat! 

M e e t   T h e   T e a m

Aerial Warehouse instructors come with a wide variety of strengths & skill sets to meet your unique needs!
What do we have in common? The desire to teach you to do amazing things & the passion to encourage you along the way! 


Jade Robinson

Owner / Operator Extraordinaire

Jade is the building blocks behind the whole operation but loves teaching & seeing her students shine the most!

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