Pole & Hammock

Aerial Warehouse offers an alternative fitness experience by using a secured apparatus (a vertical pole and/or a fabric sling) to provide support and stability for stretching and strength training. We learn how to perform cool spins, poses and tricks on these apparatuses to learn how to use our bodies in interesting ways and develop a new sense of confidence in learning to appreciate all the cool things your body can do!

Our classes are divided by four different levels; Entry, 101, 202, 303.

Entry Level is a combination of Pole & Hammock so that beginners learn the fundamentals of how to move safely on both apparatuses! This is your introduction to the studio and a great opportunity to figure out how you'd like to fit into our schedule. 


101, 202 & 303 are our progressional levels. At this point, you would choose to focus on either pole OR hammock during your class time - although many students practice both. There is a large spectrum of skills in each division, so students are encouraged to stay as long as they like in each level or move up and down as they feel challenged to do so. 

See "What to Expect" for information on our Extra classes & Workshops.

Fitness & Flow

We offer many different types of classes, but there are two general themes to what we do - Fitness and Flow. 


Fitness is; developing strength and conditioning, learning skills and tricks, working on technique and control.

Flow is; combining skills to create combinations, exploring movement, working on fluidity, lines and freedom. 

All of our classes encompass both aspects of fitness and flow, however you will see classes offered for each separately. This is so that we can make the most of your class time focusing on what you're learning and you have the option to take a more athletic or dance approach to our classes. We encourage students to take both types of classes to truly understand their apparatus and how it can be used. The more time you spend practicing fitness and flow equally, the more developed your practice will be!

What to Expect

We strive to offer a unique fitness experience and have a warm, welcoming community to help you get in the door! Our vibe is low lights and groovy tunes, small group classes and 1:1 direction. Within a class, you're doing both group participation and working on your own progression, as we understand everyone is on their own fitness journey and it takes time to learn new things. Progress at your own pace is our expectation, therefore everyone is welcome - no matter how long it's been since you've last worked out or you're a fitness buff! Our classes are co-ed and designed for adults, however we do provide options for children upon inquiry.

Aside from our core Pole & Hammock classes, we offer a variety of "Extra Classes & Workshops" that cover lots of different cross training opportunities. Some examples of these are; aerial yoga, butts & guts, hands & stands, gymnastic rings, partner acro, split stretching, lyra hoop, silks, choreography class, silks & pole, vertical barre, etc. 

More information on these classes will become available on the sign up page when they are offered on the schedule. 

We have water and snacks available by donation at the studio, but it is important to remember to eat a light meal about an hour before coming to class and drink lots of water the day of to avoid nausea. Dress comfortably in clothing that offers good coverage, shorts are required for pole classes and tight pants are best for hammock.

We expect respect to be shown towards staff, students and the sport at all times - this includes yourself as a participant and the way you demonstrate your participation in our classes to the public.  We offer a safe place and will not allow any space for judgement or disrespect.