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Pole & Hammock

Aerial Warehouse offers an alternative fitness experience by using a secured apparatus to provide support and stability for stretching and strength training. We learn how to perform cool spins, poses and tricks on these apparatuses to learn how to use our bodies in interesting ways and develop a new sense of confidence in appreciating all the cool things your body can do!

Our pole & hammock classes are divided by four different levels; Entry, 101, 202, 303.

Entry Level is a combination of Pole & Hammock so that beginners learn the fundamentals of how to move safely on both apparatuses! This is your introduction to the studio and a great opportunity to figure out how you'd like to fit into our schedule. 


101, 202 & 303 are our progressional levels. At this point, you would choose to sign up for either pole or hammock, although many students continue to practice both! 


There is a large spectrum of skills in each division, so students are encouraged to stay as long as they like in each level or move up and down as they feel challenged to do so.

   Fitness & Flow

Our classes are divided by two main types; fitness  & flow. A fitness class refers to a class that is focused on building strength and learning tricks. Flow refers to a more dance style class, focusing on transitions and fluidity.

Extra Classes

Aside from our core pole & hammock classes, we offer a variety of

extra conditioning classes such as:

Sass class 



partner acro

circus circuit 


& much more

See our schedule & sign up page for classes being offered this season & more details!

Other FAQ

What should I wear/bring? 

For your first class, just dress comfortably and bring some water! We go barefoot, so no shoes are necessary. As you continue, in order to grip the pole you'll want shorts and a fitted top and/or tight full length clothing for hammock / aerials to protect you from fabric burns

What if i'm not strong or flexible?

That's exactly why you should come, silly! No one knows how to do any of these things before they begin, and we all start on the same playing field. COme challenge your comfort zone and you will build all the strength and flexibility you will need to continue! 

am i too old or too young? 

aerial arts are for any age! Our classes are designed for adults, however are suitable for students ages 15 + as we as temporary options for younger children. There's no age too old for AW - we've had pole dancers & aerialists well into their 70's! 

Have more questions? Ask them!

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